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Aisle Seat of the Guitar 

By: Lana Bella | Posted on: August 2018 

My love leaves me today on the aisle

seat of the guitar, story-telling poems

in what humans do with loss. Soiled

by the immortal letters of Tárrega,

I ease the aches of dark intoning her

silver light, faint enough not to fall

on the sole of riffs. I sieve her notes,

sieving like the chords bracing for

release, ever tuxedoed in black and

white on my fingertips gathering into

mad. Through the dawn, I settle on

the desk and chair, my heart blinks

its own symphony in the hologram of

memory, syncopating from grooves

where my love is just a ghost flowing



Claudia Serea’s poems and translations have appeared in Field, New Letters, 5 a.m., Meridian, Gravel, Prairie Schooner,and many others. An eight-time Pushcart Prize and four-time Best of the Net nominee, she is the author of Angels & Beasts (Phoenicia Publishing, 2012), A Dirt Road Hangs From the Sky (8th House Publishing, 2013), To Part Is to Die a Little (Cervena Barva Press, 2015) and Nothing Important Happened Today (Broadstone Books, 2016). Serea is a founding editor of National Translation Month, and she co-hosts The Williams Poetry Readings in Rutherford, NJ. Her latest project is Twoxism, a poetry-photography collaboration blog with Maria Haro.