The McKinley Review Magazine

Because I Remember

By: Kelly Marie Manning | Posted on: March 2018 

I remember how he used to be
Like a home with a million windows
It didn’t matter who you were
The passion on display for all to see
I remember how he used to say my name
Like honey dripping off the comb
It didn’t matter what he said
The trust was heard for all to see
I remember how he used to look at me
Like stars fixated on the moon
It didn’t matter if I looked away
The love was there for all to see
And I remember when he walked away
Like turning from a wretched soul
It didn’t matter how much I fought for him to stay
The hurt only left for me

Kelly-Marie Manning is currently in her last semester of undergraduate studies in North

Carolina. Her plans include completing her Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant studies and

serving in the medical missions field overseas. Her love for poetry spurred her to write during a

painful time in her life. It has allowed her to process through her feelings, while also letting

others experiencing heartbreak know that they are not alone.