The McKinley Review Magazine


By: Kelly Marie Manning | Posted on: March 2018 

You don’t choose someone else if you love her

You don’t choose someone else when you’ve seen her sacrifice it all

For you

You don’t make that choice

Instead you choose to love

You choose to fight

You choose to accept

I remember looking into your eyes

I saw home

But now I sit on the street

I look into the faces of the unknown

And I wonder if they’ve felt what I feel

I wonder if they made that choice too

The only choice I ever made was to love you

And that I did

Despite your fears and mistakes

But I am only left with one thing in return

A shattered heart

I can only wish you made the right choice

Kelly-Marie Manning is currently in her last semester of undergraduate studies in North

Carolina. Her plans include completing her Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant studies and

serving in the medical missions field overseas. Her love for poetry spurred her to write during a

painful time in her life. It has allowed her to process through her feelings, while also letting

others experiencing heartbreak know that they are not alone.