The McKinley Review Magazine


By: Charlie Brice Posted on: December 2018


After Becca Millstein, “Things Father and Son find in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road,” in The Believer, Oct/Nov 2018, p. 29.


The most important commodity

not traded on the stock exchange.

Futures present in every green bean shoot,

new corn leaf,

okra sprig,

tomato blossom,

and new potato.


A first-aid-kit for dead-limbed politicians,

a bucksaw to cut their no-sign-of-life policies.

A candle that burns bright with every newborn cry,

every ham on the living room stage,

every mouth-corner raised in a smile.


A flairpistol for empty rooms,

white gas for dead ideas.

There’s always more blankets upstairs

for the frigid house,

the vapid heart.