The McKinley Review Magazine

I Listen

By: Steve Klepetar | Posted on: Summer 2019

“I am speaking of living


of moving from one moment into

the next, and into the

one after, breathing…”


            Denise Levertov


You sing, and I listen

as if your breath,


the music of your words

could bring me sleep,


bring freedom from pain.

I listen, and the sun


glares at us, makes us

look away. Outside


the yard is a field of snow.

Beyond the reeds, the pond


lies frozen over.

A flock of starlings


fills the leafless willow,

too many to count


as they flit from branches

out into the sky.


Now your voice fills

the void between us,


fills my chest, my lungs,

my heart. You sing


and the world seems

new, even in this brittle cold,


with Spring a dead word,

echoed from looming hills.

Steve Klepetar lives in the Berkshires in Massachusetts. His work has received several nominations for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize. Klepetar is the author of fourteen poetry collections, the most recent of which are A Landscape in Hell (Woodhaven Press) and Why Glass Shatters (One Sentence Chaps).