The McKinley Review Magazine

One Summer Night 

By: Jacob Butlett | Posted on: August 2018 

after Cho Pyong-Hwa


Among the stars of a wide sky the moon glides like an

ibis through the violet night.


You must sing at dusk to chase after the ibis moon,

to fly to the northern bight near your branch.


Your chapel’s bowing down low like a human’s hut.


Balmy breezes soar to your chapel, where you sing to the

warm summer.


The sea chants about a billion shimmers.


You breathe in the coldness of the moon.


You gaze beyond the gliding moon above your branch like

a human’s hut, ready for your heavy pall.


Like a poet coloring the shiny ibis moon

releases the violet night to the wide dawn

hushing the choir in your eyes.

Jacob Butlett is the winner of the Bauerly-Roseliep Scholarship for literary excellence, he hold a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, along with a Scholastic Gold Key Award for his fiction. His work has been published or is forthcoming in many journals and magazines. Recently, The Shallows selected his short story “Lawn Gnomes on Spikes” as Editor’s Favorite. Free Lit Magazine selected my short story “Something to Prove” as a Feature and Panoplyzine selected his poem “The Hail” as Editor’s Choice. He will earn my Associates of Arts degree in late 2018.