The McKinley Review Magazine

Philosophy of Yarn

By: Victoria Crawford | Posted on: Summer 2019


I know the tricks of yarn—

knots Gordian tight,

double jointed wool

snarled in diddles and riddles

of bright confusion—

winding straight thread

into round ball with potential.


Hero Theseus unrolled

his ball of string,

handiwork guide in

Minotaur’s network of


back to the surety

of hearth and home.


Untangled yarn maze,

tumble jumble converts

a knit-able feast

for needles to twist

spaghetti into

utility of hats and scarves,

labyrinth tamed to lace.


California poet Victoria sometimes calls herself a kitchen table poet writing about the shared things of daily life and the beauty found in them.  Her poems have appeared in journals and anthologies such as Poetry Pacific, Cargo Lit, Postcard Poems and Prose, and Missing Persons: reflections in dementia.