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Recipe for Happiness

By: Rajnish Mishra | Posted on: March 2018


I realized it late, but not so late as to miss

feeling it in real time. I knew that the state

I was in, this afternoon, is called happiness.

After a long time indeed. The ingredients:


nearly one hundred gram of groundnuts,

roasted and whole, as breaking the husk makes

an important ingredient of happiness. Guava,

sliced in medium sliced pieces, say, ten to twelve


pieces per guava, the core eaten by your

two and half year old. The winter sun shining mildly

and warmly, rays falling over you and over

the folding cot you are on, and a thin red shawl

for the cover against sun burn, the shawl

from my home that my mother gave to my wife.


 Rajnish Mishra is a poet, writer, translator and blogger born and brought up in Varanasi, India and now in exile from his city. His work originates at the point of intersection between his psyche and his city. He edits PPP Ezine.