The McKinley Review Magazine

She Still Shines

By: Tim Philippart Posted on: March 2018

She learns to not be herself,

to suppress sparkling smiles and,

twinkling eyes to achieve a

look of curious suspicion or, at worst,

sniffing disapproval.

Just a glance made good, bad

and, innocence, ashamed.

A right proper church lady she is but,

she still shines.

When the others are suspecting, or

disapproving or both, you catch a spark

she can’t hide, an unrepressed Mona smile

that let’s you know she wishes

she spent her sparkler,

writing her name in the air,

in the darkness,

for all to see.

In 2015, Tim Philippart sold his gymnasium equipment sales and service business.  He started writing poetry, short fiction, non-fiction and ghost blogs. Since then, over 60 of his pieces have seen daylight in publications like Gravel, Magnolia Review, Saltfront, Chicago Literati, and Third Wednesday.   Chances are, if you are reading this bio, you are about to encounter something Tim wrote. Feel free to email him (  with questions or comments.  If, perchance, you have answers he always enjoys receiving those too.