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Writing Longhand in a Borrowed Notebook

By: Marianne Szlyk | Posted on: March 2018

Without sun, gray cold cramps my fingers,

chills the pages of this dollar-store notebook,

freezes the scratchy sheets of this twin bed.

Ink from a found pen dries out,

then starts again.

Marianne Szlyk is a professor of English and Reading at Montgomery College.  She also edits The Song Is... a blog-zine for poetry and prose inspired by music (especially jazz).   Her full-length book, On the Other Side of the Window, is now available on Amazon. Her poems have appeared in of/with, bird's thumb, Loch Raven Review, Cactifur, Mad Swirl, Setu, Solidago, Red Bird Chapbook's Weekly Read, Mermaid Mirror, and Resurrection of a Sunflower, an anthology of work responding to Vincent Van Gogh's art.   She invites you to stop by her blog-zine and perhaps even submit some poems: